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Find The Others Product Manager and UX Architect from the trenches of the indie music industry in PDX. Formally trained as an artist and Linguistic Philosopher. 

Design culture is a frozen shithole

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Listen, don’t get me wrong, I love setting type, and I love writing code, and I love breaking down problems and challenges and all that good design stuff; but in the year 2014, 90% of what passes for culture amongst designers (and more broadly, amongst the technology industry) makes me want to puke flat-coloured stomach acid rainbows. It’s gotten to the point that I balk when introducing myself as a designer. This is really frustrating. And like those rainbows, it’s also incredibly toxic.

"There’s an obscure word in German, hardly every used. It’s schlimmbesserung, and it has been translated as meaning “a solution to a problem which makes the problem worse”."

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Everyone Is A DJ. And It’s Only Going To Get Worse. (via ario)

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sometimes, when the wireframes get sent to the design department… and the first design comes back….

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uxrave: – The UX lazy bear keeps getting more delightful!

The site has been updated with a new section, “Methods & Deliverables” which includes a bunch of tools, links and resources covering all aspects of UX design.

Oh man. I a now a product manager on top of still being the UX architect and let me tell you, this bear makes my crazy day so much better. 

When we don’t write a test for that special corner case

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Ship -

I have created my ship, The ScrumMaster.

She’s a Galaxy Class somethingadoozy.

HTML9 Responsive Boilerstrap JS


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I finally started to learn Javascript from scratch, and I totally close my parentheses.


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(via xkcd: Wisdom of the Ancients)

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